Terms and Conditions

  1. The following contions apply to the reservation that the Customer of bicycles and/or services requires to a Partner of the BikeSquare network, according to the details of the chosen service, at the price described on the Platform in the area managed by the local partner.
  2. Bikesquare, clearly, plays only the role of manager of the web platform on which the Partner introduces his own sercices (bike rental or other) and the booking service of the forementioned services.
  3. Filling in the online form, the Customer is asking for a reservation of ebikes and/or services as described on the online platform by each Partner. One the Customer receives a confirmation e-mail and a order confirmation by BikeSquare and paid the amount indicated in chapter 4, the Customer acquires the right to rent the bikes and/ore receive the services offered by the selected Partner. This reservation does not represent a rental contract, which will be signed directyl by the Partner and the Customer on the spot.
  4. Once the order confirmation will be received, the customer accepts to pay to BikeSquare within 24 hours, by one of the offered electronic payment systems, an amount corresponding to at least 15% of the estimated prices of the rental and/or the services indicated on the web site. In case the payment is not received in within 24 hourse, the reservation will not be effective. The remaining amout for the rental and/or services (that the Customer declares to know and accept) will be paid directly by the Customer to the Partner.
  5. In case the Customer (having paid the deposit of the preceding chapter) will not show at the Partner or for any reason will not rent the bicycles or use the services which he reserved, will not be reimbursed.
  6. BikeSquare guarantees only the availabilty of the ebikes, of the accessories and of the services for the required dates. The bicycles, services and accessories are provided directly by the Partner, which is then the only responsible person for their comfromity to what declared on the web platform.
  7. In case of missing availability of bikes or services already bookes, BikeSquare refund will be limited to the amount actually paid. Any other indemnity or liability is excluded.
  8. In any case, the Customer will be entitled to ask for refund or indemnities in case of total or partial non-compliance of the services provided by the Partners. The Customer will request such refunds or indemnities or damages directly to the Partner, and in no case BikeSquare can be held responsible for damages or injury, direct or indirect consequences of services offered by the Partners. BikeSquare does not own, sell, resell, furnish, provide, manage and/or control any such Rental, Experiences, Events or other Services. BikeSquare responsibilities are limited to making the Listings bike rentals and Services available through the BikeSquare platform.
  9. This contract shall be governed by Italian law. Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this contract shall be determined by arbitration in accordance with the Rules of Camera Arbitrale del Piemonte, with the exception of summary injunctions and proceedings will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of the Rental Operator’s seat.